viernes, 15 de julio de 2016

M6S4 Proyecto integrador

Roxana Martínez Mirafuentes

Módulo 6

Generación 6

Proyecto integrador

    Mi casa y mi comunidad

Hello David, welcome to my house.
I present my husband his name is Felipe, is 37 years old, He's an employee, she is My mother Olga 50 years old, she's  homemaker, she is My sister Elizabeth, has 33 years old, she makes cupcakes.

Through here, this is the living room, here you will find the TV and the computer which you can be used freely, come, I will show you to your room, we hope you find the room comfortable, you've got a closet, For to keep,  clothes, this is the bathroom so you can shower.

David -How I can get to bakery?-
Go straight ahead on   Street Ramon corona and the bakery this opposite the park we got to pass this bakery to get to school, here on the left is Christ's church.


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