lunes, 8 de agosto de 2016

M7S2 Tell me

Roxana Martínez Mirafuentes

Módulo 7

Generación 6

Actividad 2

Tell me

Day of Dead

·         When you were a young, in your family celebrated the Day of Dead?
·         How it arose and of where it comes from this tradition?
·         How it was that you originated the day of the dead?
·         What is the aim of putting an altar of the dead?
·         What offerings placed on the altar of the dead?
·         How long did it last the celebration of Day of Dead?
·         When I was young, helped put the altar?
·         Your family visit a their dead in the cemetery?
·         Does your community celebrates the Day of Dead?
·         How do you celebrate your children the day of dead?

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