jueves, 11 de agosto de 2016

M7S3 Tell me about him/her

Roxana Martínez Mirafuentes

Módulo 7

Generación 6

Actividad 2

Tell me about him/her

One of the legends about my municipality is in the colony Temoyo has to do with the underground river that according to the tradition told by the old from Acayucan. Many natives believe that underground river passes through Temoyo coming from the east, after to the west and then goes to the northwest.

There are those who claim that under the area of Temoyo is a large lake, as I commented Domingo Sáiz May.

Still in 1980 could be heard repeatedly the main legend: which who takes water from temoyo, not will leave acayucan ; And if it goes away, returns…
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