lunes, 15 de agosto de 2016

M7S4 Proyecto integrador

Roxana Martínez Mirafuentes

Módulo 7

Generación 6

Proyecto integrador

My life Project

a. What are your personal goals?

1. My personal goals is conclude successfully the high school on line. 

2. Be an example for my children.

b. What are your future plans about your studies?

1. I think study another language.

2. I think finishing my studies and I will study psychology.

c. What are your future plans about your family?

1. I think  saving  money and go on holidays.

2. Support my children and motivating them will study the college.

d. What are you going to do to be healthier?

1. I think  eat healthier and do exercise.

2. I suppose visit the doctor.

e. Write one goal you wish to achieve in the next five years.

1. I think do a master's in psychology.

2. I guess have my own consulting room.


f. What will you do to achieve that goal?

1. Continue preparing myself in my studies and  to be able to  achieve my goals.

2. Be persistent in my studies.

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