jueves, 11 de agosto de 2016

M7S3 What happened?

Roxana Martínez Mirafuentes

Módulo 7

Generación 6

Actividad 1

What happened?

  Last week we decide to go to the beach, and we did the suitcases.
My husband and my son, they decided to carry a fishing rod.
Meanwhile my daughter and I decided to carry balls to play and life vests for entering the water.
We ask the neighbors to take care of our pet and to feed it in our absence.
After we call a taxi to take us to the Central Camionera.

We arrived in the city, we take to visit the grandparents of my children.
After lunch we head to the beach.
We come and the sun was very strong, there were many people, therefore we look for a calmer area.
While my husband and my son fished, my daughter and I we played the ball.
Later we all play in the sand.

At nightfall, we returned to the House of Grandparents.
On having come with them, we drink coffee.
Close to ten in the evening we ate in family.
After having dinner, the grandfather told his histories its childhood to my children.

Well into the night with very much tired, we resolved to sleep.

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